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Your help truly counts!

We depend on the generosity of companies and individuals to help us provide programs to young people who very well could be amazing future leaders of tomorrow.

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Donate and/or Sponsor

You can be the hero in many a child's story. Without you, the work we do is much harder. Our nonprofit has the solution to the problem of keeping children off the streets. You can be a part of that solution providing a constructive outlet for children. 


We long to provide the physical, mental, social, emotional and yes spiritual benefits of learning golf to children who need it the most. What if because you, you positively impacted the life of one child. Wow!


Please consider an individual gift or corporate sponsorship because children deserve the extraordinary benefits learning the game of golf, the game that depicts the game of life. Every gift or sponsorship can help or even change the life of a child.   


Thank you for considering joining us in the movement to positively impacting the lives of children who need it the most. You only need to contact Pat at 609-864-7300 or email regarding your generous gift.


You are our hero! You can be a child's hero too.



The success of any program comes from the hard work of caring volunteers.  So often our program is the first step some young people to learn to be a proficient athlete, desired character traits, how to be a leader and the importance of complete wellness. Please consider joining our growing and important program by becoming a volunteer of Edu-Sports Academy today.

For information on how you can volunteer, please contact us via 609-864-7300 or

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