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Amazing things happen when you ASK.

The world's most powerful 3-letter word and the cornerstone of . . . . 

"Edu-Sports Academy, Inc."




Edu-Sports Academy, Inc., a 501(c)3 tax exempt nonprofit organization created in 2010 by individuals concerned with the direction, expense and "win at all cost" attitude of most youth athletic organizations. ESA's sole purpose is to build a culture that is holistic, fun and nurturing thus having a positive impact far beyond athletics. The curriculum embraces the "whole" person physically, mentally/emotionally, spiritually and socially. To that end we created . . . Swing 2 Tee Golf.


Swing 2 Tee Golf began spring 2013 with our unique teaching concept built on a "gradual progression" method. Students start with modified equipment and systematically progress. Our "gradual progression" method creates fun, less frustration and increases the love of this lifelong sport of golf.

Edu-Sports Academy, Inc. through Swing 2 Tee Golf is truly the sporting chance to be more.


Edu-Sports Academy, Inc. provides a well-balanced athletic learning program that supports academics, leadership and team building while promoting opportunity and accessibility

for all.

"ASK" is the world's most powerful 3-letter word as amazing things happen when you ASK!


Athletics - acquisition of essential golf skills with strong emphasis on fun.

Scholastic - synthesis of "STEAM" with strong emphasis on its relationship to golf.

Konsciousness - unification of body/mind/spirit with strong emphasis on overall




NRPGI Certified Professional Golf Instructor

Board Secretary


Board of Trustees

Clifton C. Jones, Chair
Dr. Tamiko Smith, Vice Chair
Renee Messina, Treasurer

Patricia Lindsay-Harvey
Board Secretary

Patricia Lindsay-Harvey

Head Coach

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Sharon Camper

Ronald Timmons

Daniel “Jerome” Yates


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